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Company Cornerstones

Customer Focus

We are constantly evolving and adapting based on our customers’ needs and desires–not based simply on what is most sellable. By working closely with each of our clients to fully understand their business and expectations, we are better able to meet those expectations and approach each project as a unique venture.

Single Source Accountability

Using the same project manager from inception to completion ensures that there will be none of the confusion that is typical when projects are handed off from sales to production. G4 assures that each project will have one project manager.

Subcontractor and Vendor Qualification/Management

We hire only the most qualified subcontractors and vendors at the “right” price to ensure that you consistently get the highest possible quality products and best craftsmanship at the lowest possible cost.

Computerized Estimating and Cost Control

Our unique system helps you make the best decisions with your construction budget so that you get the best value for your construction dollars.

Jobsite Cleanliness, Safety, and Organization

Our team is as productive as possible while keeping the noise and negative visual impact during construction to a minimum.

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